A downloadable game

(Game in development, finishing up the artwork, but playable nonetheless)

2-4 players


20-60 minutes

Treacherous Sands is a competitive game played in a grid of tiles that represent an ever-changing desert. The objective of the game is to find the Eyes of the Snake and get them safely to the City, avoiding getting robbed by bandits and traversing the changing sands along the way.

Since you were all little you’ve heard the legend about the floating island that travels across the desert, and about the marvelous city built atop: Qasr Aleajayib, the Palace of Wonders. A place so incredible only a glance of it could leave you in awe; filled with gold, riches and delight, only the more cunning and keen are allowed to enter.

Now you’ve all grown up and become thieves and pilferers, but you’re still dreaming about living between the powerful. You’ve recently heard a tale about two twin jewels: the Eyes of the Snake, said to be lost in the desert forever, but rumored that whoever could retrieve them would be granted access to the City.

And thus, you set foot in the desert and start searching for your one-way ticket to a life of riches… or never coming back.

Made for the 24 hour September board game design contest from BoardGameGeek. 


TreacherousSands-Components.pdf 757 kB
TreacherousSands-Rules.pdf 823 kB


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surprised to see an actual good board game


Thanks a lot! I've been tweaking the design and thinking about sending it to some publisher or self-publishing it through a page like TheGameCrafter. Let's hope I have something during the coming months!

Most of all your art is authentic and rly fits the theme of indie card games