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Fun game. Thanks for making :)

Thank you for playing it! You mastered the game so quickly omg!!!

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Hey it wasn't my things so throwing away expensive stuff... Meh. Also great game!

Hey, thanks for the video! I hope you had fun. That's probably the highest score I've seen on a video playthrough of the game, so CONGRATS!

i throw everything at first XD

Thank you for the vid, Coconut. I'm a fan of the silent gameplay tbh!

Such a fun game! I loved the detail and little sound effects everytime you picked up an object! Very interesting and original idea, keep up the good work! I hope you don't mind me adding my video to the pile, and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreciate it! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors! 

Thank you, Simtasia! And yes, I do watch very video all of you make about our little game!

A little game with a simple and intelligent concept that offers fun in short sessions and a good little challenge. 

Thanks to the developer for this game. :)

Thank you for the sweet words and for playing it, I hope you had fun!

Awesome concept and fun idea, great job on this game, i really had a great time!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Really funny game. I love the idea for it.

Thank you and thanks for playing it!

Hey! I'm super sorry it took awhile for this last video to get uploaded! Had a lot of fun, looks very clean and polished, thank you for sharing! You can see my gameplay here:

Thanks a lot again for playing it and making the vid!!!!

Such a fun game and a nice idea! I just kept tilting no matter what haha!

Hi! Thanks a lot for the video Viixun, I hope you had fun!

Started a Christmas Series on indie games ! this one is really funny 3:58

Ha! Fun take on it, thanks for the vid!

how do you even open the game it's just .7z file. It looks like a really good game but how do you play it?

It’s a compressed file. Right click on it and select “Extract”. I hope you have fun!

for same reason it doesn't download the compressed file, instead it downloads a 7Z file

It’s a type of compressed file, from the program 7Zip. Any other program should extract it, but if not, try downloading 7Zip, it’s free if I remember correctly.

ok thanks

Had a blast with this game! Highly recommend this game! Thank you developers awesome job! 


Hey, thanks a lot for the playthrough! I hope you had a good time with it ;D

I really did! Any plans for future games?