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A downloadable game for Windows


Throw away cargo when the weight indicator is beeping. 
Reorganize and balance the cargo when the tilt indicator beeps.
Different goods have different values. Listen for sound hints to guess the content of each box.


>WASD: Move
>Spacebar: Jump
>Mouse: Look
>Left click: Pick up/put down
>Right click: Throw
>Esc: Pause


You're returning from an expedition to the jungle with your plane's hold packed and quite pleased with your plunder. Who could forsee that someone like you would run out of luck? 

The plane is plummeting, the engines are failing and your loot is slipping away. 

You'll have to get rid of some of your sweet spoils to save the remaining. Oh, right, and yourself too. 

But will you be able to tell apart the useless junk you've hoarded from the valuable goods in the heat of the moment? 

Remember: your reputation depends on your success!



Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 43.

Art by:
Mikel Ojea Romano
Pablo Dapena

Programming by:
Ignacio Muñoz Márquez
Patricio Hidalgo
Diego Manzano

Special thanks to Juancho Abad for his shader.


Farewell, dear cargo 26 MB


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Had a blast with this game! Highly recommend this game! Thank you developers awesome job!